Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Surprise !!

Knew that i been away for too long perhaps :(

Been back from Penang few days back ;0
Having good food but not very pleasant weather
The weather is like so unpredictable,
Is like;
in the middle of no where, there came the rain drop
Couldn't upload some photo because I've not compile it with the other resources yet
U know, they came from different camera man & photoshop and ....etc etc
(promise will upload soon)

Christmas is around the corner !! Yeeeppp
Have u bought any gift yet??
I just went shopping with Yee Peng to hunt for some pressie give away ;0
Couldn't wait to give them away
Thanks too Yee peng for giving me an earlier Christmas pressie
Babe, u know who u are
Don't worry, u guys will get one soon !!!
Besides the pressie, my aunt (Chew Yong) gave me an early Christmas surprise too
which is
Cake !!!!

Aren't they adorable?
It doesn't taste like a cake,
Taste more like a sponge cake with a lil orange flavor n mint in between


Its Yummilicious
Thank You Aunty Chew Yong

p/s Just receive a post laju parcel today. Will post about it tml. Couldn't wait

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Halloween

Do you get to celebrate Halloween with your friends/family?
I bet you do..
I did not miss out either
But this year is different for me :)
I got to celebrate with my high school friends
that match the title " The Haunted School"

The event was organized buy "ehem"
my school mate Beii & her best cousin Cyan.
Before the event , The gurl and I got to meet up in Ee Guat(One of my classmate) hse
We totally going crazy in making up & dressing up,
Spending almost 2 hours by scribble on each other face & tie each other "hanging" hair ...lolx
Worry-ING about getting late and complaint about "unpleasant make up" lolx
that was so much fun * kekeke
Its make me wonder , its been a long time that we having fun together...
[I miss the moment already.... :( ]

We were driving a lil like crazy cow in Highway ...lolx
(bcox of guat bf driving scare me off grr...grr)
Getting lost on the way, and
We was the earlier guest that arrive "swt" xp
As usual , we rush to the mirror room and touch up our make up(kinda) .. lol

Post a picture in a Mirror Room..
& laughing at each each make up was so much FUN.. lol

When we enter to the room, saw all the beautiful decoration..
this cant stop us from taking picture.. hahaha

Saw this at the edge of the room,
look kinda creepy n creative...
Why i wonder,Liwah was her own world with the spider webs,
While,me sue n guat got hungry for a bone.

I was trying to catch & eat the bat..
Look kinda dramatic.. haha
While the rest of the three like
"Flying Bat Kite"
Beii join our cam whore moment too

We took this picture when they turn off the light,
Kinda creepy ler ...

2nd capture from the dark room.

Trick Or Treat???

Oh yea,I got my own coffin on the very day..
The girl get their's too :0

Can't resist the web behind xp
Me: Get outta my way,sueling is my bone!!!
Liwah:Nah!!! Gv u sweet la ~*

Me: Im liking it, and its mine.....
Wah:Get outta my way!!


Cute isn't it??
Sue & I was playing magic in it

We have a lil game that night
(sorry did not pic it)
Guess what

Got to post with the BEST DRESS BONE

This is the high school gang back then,
Just ignore the guy behind
Beii daddy giving the BEST DRESS BONE
He was funny,asking me to dance at the stage
for being the best dress
for not being humiliate myself i start to
RAN OFFF ~puff~

We capture a picture with the witch behind.
The only exist witch in town that night


Below was a few group that been form for a game that night
Having so much and getting pressie & lots of surprise too


I couldn't remember much of the rest of the team name
But everyone was having lot of lot of fun that night.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

0 Is None

Back to childhood, i always being day dreaming. With full of enthusiasm and full of energy back then, i had wish to become a Singer,Pianist,Artist,Doctor, went for scuba driving, own a boutique and cafe shop, get a car ...etc etc....

After a long long journey , as i start to realize all i just wanted is just Freedom.What i mean about freedom is, on that time that i could really be myself and stand up for myself.
Which include no more social politic,no more drama,no more lies,no more burden and no more gossips. But think again, when will this ever end? Maybe never? Being a typical student that face a lot of failure and obstacle with social,environment and society, when will this had to end?
Maybe never? If this had no ending, when will the freedom start to appear in my life?
Apparently, things will never change if i did nothing. Am I right? Unfortunately, i silently went into a lost path that face a lot of obstacle and failure which added me advantage to see the other sides of my innocent the world.
I had learn that, in which place that we fail is the place that we grow. Maybe it might not be true for others, but it was true to me,honestly. As i know being an ignorant and lies behind my truth will not help for good.(Even though sometimes white lies could help a lil). As for me to grow stronger and wiser, i shall act wisely or maybe change a lil bad character in me might help. Stop nagging,complaint or many ignorant might help me to be a lil wiser too.
I had a fix believe that "Being an adult is difficult and Complicated". But what would it change in me if i did not change it for myself? Or what would it be different in me if i did not stood up and start doing something about it? Things might not change for good for sure. rite?

Learn to be wiser is better then Talk to be wiser.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What would it be if it was wasn't so????

Typical question i will ask:

had you ever been in relationship??
do you have friends around you OR MAYBE BEST FRIENDS that keep faith on you???

Have you came across in this above situation?
Yes? Good For you...
No? Well lets see whats best for u..

Well, have you ever think of taking both above in long term or short term?? or maybe depends?? Well, let see.

When you were in relationship(Friends,Family or Lover...etc etc), is either in the way of Love or Like.Agree?? Both came/fall in same way sometimes,or sometimes not. Right?? Well, if you want to keep all relationship in long term or maybe they "set" it in your precious "location", Respect is the key. agree??? Eventually it came before trust and our priority. right??
Well, if you do not respect they will eventually or slowly leave you for good. Experience that??? People usually thought,especially come typical old Chinese business man, they usually thought "friends" is just a pieces of paper, that you can drew them if you want them(take them for granted) and throw them if you does not want them(Ignore them if you dont need them). But what would happen if one day their own family could not help them maybe in financially or morally support. Who will they first think of?? Friends?

p/s Well , i have to agree that sometime friends have been a "pat" wan, or maybe "back stab" or maybe bla bla bla

Just imaging that you did not experience that above and just you and your family,relative or just yourself. Do you think your life will be more colourful? or maybe someone or a group that can exchange the same experience ,thought ,feeling and breakdown? Wouldn't it be great if there is more "people" that can share and experience the same thing with you? Well, you can choose. Yes , we have lousy friend sometimes. It still depends on Us to "see" them in which way or perhaps which categories they located in our life. They are just like us, learning how to grow, learning to be a better person. As usual they make mistake too. Who will guide them especially in socialize environment (when they make mistake)?? Impossible all of them going to "socialize classes" or bringing parents along... And who are them who guide us in socialize environment especially when we not intentionally making mistake on others??.. Got it?? ... No one born to be EVIL, or make it simple, no one want to be bad. but who are we to judge them if we make mistake like them too???

same as

Well, i bitch about friends . I bitch about people who came in my life. But do you?? Even though you bitch bout them it doesn't mean you haTE them. Agree?? So do same as them too.

Choose on how you see them.

Life will be good if we have no enemy around .

Monday, October 18, 2010

What so typical???

Some people might think, Choice is Life ..but for some people think Life is all about Choice.
Either u take it or you don't is still a Choice. Different results give different impacts in life . There always a give-and-take. On all this years , is the life u having now is your choice???

There is a conversation between one typical man with a young curious lady.

They were talking gossiping about girl and guys in Life...
Given a choice ....
One : A girl who has brain but normal beauty with a guy who is spending life time with.
Second: a girl who has no brain but sexy body and beautiful face with a guy who look for short period of joy.

The girl ask the man question.
A short question . Which pair do you think will have happily ever after?

The man said :
Definitely the pair two. Life is short. why not die wan give me qith some one with better good looking and she can give me "face" when i hang out with my friend. People will jealous of me because i can hang out with pretty gurl and even own them. and the condom sold in 7eleven will always be convenient for me.

The gurl said:
But mostly hot girl with no brain only know how to spend money and wont work want wor..

The Guy said:

I got work . I got money.Guys always spend money on gurls. All she need is sit at home,kepp herself sexy and pretty .Just dont complaint listen who what i said and order.

The gurl:
* Har?????* Usually hot gurl is stubborn and they always think with they can get what thy want with their look wor.

the guy:

???? So??? Im the one who give her money, but who is she to give a said? she need to listen wat i said if not i will kick her away if which she choose not too.

the girl:
There is no long lasting beauty in life.Even a beautifull flower will turn ugly too. So what if she get ugly when she is old and have tonne of your kids and being like ah sohh???

the guy:
When the time come,the time only said la.who knows what happen next?? Or if she turn to that she just need to stay at home for the rest of her life and do all her job lor.That is wife job what!!!!

the gurl;
I dont think u will settle down if u think that way.

the guy:
Little gurl, u still young !!! u dunno wan la... Im so smart toknow that she will be with me because of my money.No true love exist and life is so realistic. She has no right to judge and complaint cos she used my money. Is my money she want and she get it. If she go wif other guys i also dun care. Cox is her decision and i have mine too.

the gurl:
Then why married??? find a chicken better lor.

the guy:
get married is like a must to fullfill my sex life. She so pretty , is a waste if i dont get her. even ichoose to leave her, i swear she doesnt want too.

gurl : But if one day u’re broke, old and useless, u dont have anyone beside u to take care of u , loving n care for u , how would u feel then ?
guy : Im rich , i’ll never be broke , NEVER ~! I cant be broke , i cant ~! Never.

gurl : I still stand for pair one . Coz both of them will work hard , take care of each other , having to plan their lives and do everything together. Building their family up bit by bit and looking forward to spending the very last minute of their breath together. Who knows , someday , when both of them had made their way tru , they can be richer than what u are now . And the girl can use that amount of money to be as pretty as your lady at hom. Plastic surgery and the modern world can do wonders u know ?

guy : But …

gurl : Money is important , and outer beauty is not . Coz money can buy beauty, but beauty cant buy money . Beauty can let someone earn some fast money i agree with that in a way, but that's just for a short period of time. When everything starts to fade, beauty will be long gone too. But money , they’ll never fade. Money can buy you beauty for as long as u want … But money cant buy u true happiness from the heart n buy u a never ending lifespan. Money cant extend your life. when u die, u'll have to just, die. Money attracts everyone of us But beauty doesnt ~ at least not to me.
guy: I agree with that . If i would to choose a bag of money and a sexy lady , i want the money , coz i can get 100 times sexy lady with that. Hahaha ~

gurl : Aiyoh , u use money to get lady ~! Aiyoh , my god ! U will never get what i mean ha.
guy : A-but-then ? If i pok kai no girls would want me lah. Face the fact ! This is the real world, woman.

gurl : It is so not true. If u say like that then poor guy never get married meh ?
guy : Err ……….

gurl : Then poor people de wife is definitely ugly de meh ?
guy : Err ……….

gurl : Pretty girls are not stupid . They see more man in life than others do. They too, like u guys, know who love them and who love just their beauty. Just like u guys know who love you n who love your money .

guy : But no money no girls la. Im telling the truth.
gurl : So does it mean that not pretty no fren ?

gurl : No lah … but …
gurl : See ? Speechless . Anything can happen and anything could happen , anytime , any second , anywhere in the world . Miracles DO happens . Pretty girl can end up marrying a beggar, never read that ? Never read an old man marrying a sexy lady even he’s poor ? It’s on the paper lah , always have the similar story every year .

guy : But …
gurl : Bill Gates’s house is as big as an island , but why does he only has a wife n only love his wife n never had any rumours about him fooling around with girls ? IF anyone in the world to have that very chance to have all the most beautiful woman in the world to be with, he’ll definitely be the top 10 choice. But y didnt he ?

guy : Coz he’s a good man loh …. but ….
gurl : And we lady respect good man , n we cherish good man , and we always love good man …… long live good man ~!

Now, which will be your choice ? A bet on promise of happiness tru hard work ? Or the pride, joy and fame ?

think about it??? what choice we are making now..........

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Drunk October @@

Its been completely crazzyyy this month on october..
i been pair up or mayb e double up with my sue and jer to join this fest...
is organize by GAB...
(Jer was craving for this for at least a month ><...lolz)
We usually get cheap beer or maybe liquor (as we did not manage to get it)
in this event...

While finding for finger food,
me and sue saw a" karekater"(watever spelling is it)...
Without a second thought, we been queuing up to grab one( totally forget about finger food)
Look cute isnt it???

Oh yea, Jo En (jer frnx) been joining us too..
she also grab her own "karekater" without any hessitation..xp

aint i look sexy?? hahahhaha
wish i had this body..
sue manage to get this pic up too..
the ang moh get attracted to sue body kekekekke

After chilling along the way, me ,sue,jer and jo en
plan to have a tattooo
three of them put it on their hand,while i put it on my leg
(whch i culdt get to take pic cox i been scrub it up on the next day ><)
End of the day jer got a lil sober ( i think)
i only manage to drink one and the half cup,
( jo en keep saying "wendy tipu wan!!! wendy tipu wan)
jer,sue n jo en manage to drink more then 2 cups (i think)
Wish that we would get the chance to drink again!!!!